Sample Score

Excerpt from program given during  presentation, “Experiments in Ether."

Tonight we are practicing a very linear score/ task map that gets the dancers practicing many of the “physical games” that we have cultivated and would like to develop more.
We will be doing it twice through so that we can learn from the first one and refine it. It is also for the audience to become a bit acquainted with what we’re doing. 
I invite you to watch the dance and notice what elements stay the same and what elements change as each new Moment arises.

1. Kristina leads Boneless Body/(flesh and a nervous system) in a group formation from Downstage Left to Upstage Right.
2. Standing group architecture that does not locomote through space- dancers find a “system”, create an arc in dynamic and find an end. If they collapse they must rebound.
3. 2 conversations occur between: Kat and Miriam, Vic and Kristina.
4. Katrina leads 9 points streaming which gathers all dancers.
They are aware of the windows and planes in space that they are making. They find an exit.
5. Kat enters a pathway through space, creates an “event”, and exits. The following dancers enter as soloists and use their memories to reenact Vic’s pathway. Their memory feeds off the events through time, and it doesn’t have to be linear time.
6. Vic is the source. Vic can feed off Miriam.
Kristina and Kat are the transducers. (Transducers translate energy from the source or the counterpoint)
Miriam is the counterpoint. Miriam can feed off Vic.
7. Someone finds centre line, everyone files behind: they all find a system, find its climax and find an End.