Monday, February 18, 2008

My Heart is a Pioneer

Premiered: March 7,8,9, 2008/ at Expanse Movement Arts Festival, Catalyst Theatre, Edmonton

Photography/ Poster Design: Ted Kerr, 2008

Video Footage: Alex Viszmeg
Split Screen Footage, Direction and Editing: D. Jeffrey Buchanan

 My Heart is a Pioneer continues Ochoa’ exploration of the female body through Qi gong energy training and new media collaborations.
"Inspired by the Body Worlds exhibit, the dancers and I have come up with a show that turns the human body inside out, visceral, and kinesthetic. The dancers have been given a task to explore what it's like to be in a human body, a female human body, for the first time," quotes Ochoa, choreographer and dancer behind My Heart is a Pioneer.

Collaborating with musician Travis Boa with a video projection by artist Ted Kerr, Ochoa and company examines the female body as a site of both public and private experiences, simultaneously natural and machine, at all times being vulnerable yet in control.

Dancers: Miriam Esquitin, Victoria Rohac, Maggie Bosse, Eryn Tempest, and Kathleen Ochoa
Composer and live music: Travis Boa
Video Installation: Ted Kerr

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