Monday, May 3, 2010

Collision: HD Version: Part One "wallflowers" from on Vimeo.

COLLISION - the place where Qi Gong, contemporary dance and science collide.

The intent for the creation of “Collision,” was to create a “live human laboratory” where a scientist could come in and process whatever ideas or theories through a different kind of laboratory-- where the materials for processing an idea or hypothesis is the human nervous system, and then observe what comes from this embodied approach to knowledge finding.

Directed & Edited by
D. Jeffrey Buchanan

Filmed by
Ric Gustavsen
Andrew Scholotiuk
D. Jeffrey Buchanan

Kathleen Ochoa

Organic Gardener: Alex Bolivar
Cosmologist: Jochen Buechel
Photo Essayist: Ted Kerr
Sound Designer: Chris Quesnel
Dancers: Miriam Esquitin, Abby Espejo Nugent, Aliya Jamal, Katrina Smy, Deanne Underwood

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